The Most Iconic Icon – A Timberland Story


If you were asked, “What does the term Icon mean to you?” Would you instantly think of your favourite sports moment? Would you think of a moment in history? Or would you think of a person? What if I told you that there was a collaboration that includes the most iconic icons. A collaboration involving an object, a person, and a moment. This is the story of that collaboration. This is the story of the most iconic icon – ever.

The Object: The ‘Yellow Boot’

  • It all started in 1973 – the birth of the yellow boot. A well-crafted, waterproof leather boot that withstood the harshest of elements while never compromising its comfort and design. From the onset of this masterpiece, its quality and design started to dominate the footwear industry. Consumers across the globe started to truly believe in the product and wore it with great confidence. More than just a fad, the ‘yellow boot’ created and manufactured by The Timerberland Company, was a must-have in anyone’s footwear collection. In the following years, the ‘yellow boot’ would go on to be an iconic object. Timberland’s boot exceeded its fashion statement. It stemmed beyond fashion and into the hearts and eyes of those who needed a quality boot. The marketing strategy for Timberland was unknown to many at the time but one thing was certain; Timberland made a quality product that sold itself. The now branded ‘Icon’ boot lives on. The Icon boot now comes in a variety of style options. However, Timberland has never lost track of its Icon and the ‘yellow boot’ that started it all. Now, the Icon begins its collaboration with a famous individual…

The Person: Shaquille O’Neal

  • There are not too many individuals who do not recognize the name Shaquille O’Neal (Shaq). Shaq dominated the basketball landscape. Holding numerous records and titles, Shaq is highly regarded as one of the greatest to ever play the game. For the select few that are not familiar with Shaq, Shaq is 7ft 1in, weighing 325 pounds. Behind the scene, efforts from coaches, to dietitians, to family and friends, it takes a lot of effort to ensure an athlete performs their best. Off the court, Shaq requires altered options for his needs. Very few people on this planet require a boot size 22. Recognizing the quality and iconic status of the ‘yellow boot’, Timberland did not hesitate to provide Shaq with its product. Illustrated below is the 22 size boot Shaq would wear. Pictured next to it is a toddler’s version of the iconic yellow boot. Above is a men’s size 10 UK boot – some difference. The iconic icon is now starting to take form. You may be wondering what is written all over the boot. This is where our iconic icon collaboration continues to take form …

The Moment: Munster Rugby

  • Established is the object (Icon boot), the person (Shaquille O’Neal) and the only missing piece of the iconic collaboration is the moment; creating the most iconic icon – ever. Well, an iconic moment for two nations, brought together by a sport stemmed with passion, grit, and perseverance, lies a moment that will not be forgotten. In 1978, the New Zealand All Blacks toured the northern hemisphere in quest for triumph in their rugby matches. The All Blacks were successful in their quest, except for one match. The All Blacks fell short in their match against Munster – the only Irish team to defeat the All Blacks. Munster held the All Blacks to a 12-0 victory in their home pitch at Thomond park. Hungry for revenge, the All Blacks found themselves back on the pitch at Thomond park 30 years later. This iconic match and the All Blacks quest for victory drew great crowds at Thomond Park and will be remembered by many. The All Blacks were successful in their quest, winning 18-16 against Munster. However, it was Munster that rivalled the crowds and sought the cheers from those within the park and across the nation. Despite the loss, Munster gained the hearts of the fans of the team and the fans of the sport. The iconic moment between the team lives on. In the picture illustrated above, includes the Icon boot that would fit Shaq, signed by players from the 2008 Munster team – thus finalizing the three icons. The boot, the person and the moment, all embedded in one iconic icon – the Icon.

It is rumoured that the two teams are set to play again in the future to settle the series as both clubs are currently sitting on a win a piece. Some would say this match will be Iconic!


The Iconic Collaboration: The Three Pieces

  • The Iconic collaboration has been created. Bound together by an object, a person and a moment in time, the signed Icon boot by the 2008 Munster rugby team that would fit Shaq’s feet has been created. Individually, they are all uniquely icons – combining the three make it the most iconic icon – ever.

For extended enquiries on the signed Icon boot, please visit the Timberland store in Limerick at 112 O’Connell S

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