Fun Music Festival Facts You Probably Didnt Know


Music festivals are, by definition, a time of joyful celebration – a chance for people to come together and enjoy a common interest or purpose. But despite their good vibes, there’s always more to festivals than meets the eye. Here are some festival facts that might just surprise you!

  • Glastonbury Festival began as a free event but after 1971 it became a paid festival with tickets costing £1 including free milk from the farm.
  • The Glastonbury Festival holds the record for the most toilets at a festival, with more than 3000 port a loos for their 135 000 attendees, Glastonbury festival has the most toilets per person at any music festival in the ‘loo-niverse’. (their first event had just 7 loos)
  • Lollapalooza was created by Perry Farrell to celebrate his band “Jane’s Addiction.” He wanted to make a farewell tour for his group that would also honour other bands he loved from alternative rock.
  • Coachella was founded in 1999 by Pearl Jam after they had a falling out with Lollapalooza.
  • The Underwater Music Festival is actually underwater!! All the instruments used at the event are waterproof such as maracas, tambourines and drums. The Underwater Music Festival takes place in July in Florida and you must be scuba certified to attend.
  • Iceland’s Secret Solstice Festival holds the world record for the most expensive VIP ticket at 1millon dollars: ticket includes Return flights to Iceland in a private chartered business jet for six people, luxury accommodation with a private chef, private glam squad to provide personal hair, makeup and grooming everyday…and so much more!
  • At the Burning Man Festival in Nevada, attendees are asked to leave no trace of their visit when they depart. This means that everything that is brought into the festival must be taken away with them when it ends.
  • Igloofest Montreal is the world coldest music festival but alas was cancelled in 2022 due to health measures.
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