Clean Your Boots – It’s Worth It!


Some people are precious about their cars…..some aren’t. The ones who are take pride in washing them inside and out on a regular basis. Our neighbour washes his car every Sunday morning religiously; it’s an 08 C Volvo estate and it looks like new after it’s wash and shampoo.

You see that’s the trick; if you clean something on a regular basis it will look better over time. It’s the same with your Timberland Boots. Let me give you a tip though…when you part with your hard earned €200 and decide to make an investment in the iconic 6” Classic 10061 or 10361 for women, the first thing you MUST do is give them some love and attention BEFORE you wear them for the first time.

You see in all our Timberland stores, from Cork to Limerick and up to Dublin and beyond our staff will advise you to purchase some product care to use on your brand-new boots before you even leave the store. Think of the product care as a coat of armour for your boots. Before they go into battle fighting against the dirt and grime of an Irish Winter (and sometimes Summer) they will have some protection against the elements. Now do not get me wrong this product care will only keep your boots clean for a certain period of time and like my neighbour with his 08 C Volvo you will need to give your boots the once over on a regular basis – IF YOU WANT THEM TO LAST THAT IS!!

Our 6” Wheat Classic Boots are made from Nubuck leather. Some people think Nubuck leather is the same as Suede leather. However, it is not. Think of it this way… take a piece of untreated leather/hide from a Texas Steer Cow (the hide used in production of our famous boots). There are three different layers of leather in this piece of hide used in the production of our Timberland footwear. The premium part of the leather is the top layer of the leather because it is in its natural state; the most robust and durable. This is the Nubuck layer. When the Nubuck layer is treated and brushed down it becomes ‘smooth’ – this is the second layer. This layer is used mostly in what most people would call regular shoes – the colour of which is determined by the dyeing process in production. Finally, the ‘belly’ of the hide is called Suede, and this is the least expensive part of the leather.

If you ever compare the durability of Nubuck and Suede boots or shoes you will see that the Nubuck product will far outlast the Suede ones. This is simply down to the quality of the type of leather used in production.


  • So in the case of our iconic Timberland 6” Classic Boots – the famous 10061 (men’s style) and 10361 (women’s style) worn by the famous and the infamous; the first thing you will need to put on these bad boys and girls to protect them is our Balm Proofer Water and Stain Repellent which is a liquid that coats the boots in a film of protection that will act as a guard against MOST stains.
  • For those who wear our Classic Wheat Nubuck boots for function over fashion you will inevitably get them dirty so in that case to clean them to best product to use from our Product Care family is our Renewbuck Foam Cleaner. This is a foam-based product that you spray on your boots to lift off heavy stains. After application, you can simply get a wet cloth and rub your boots evenly to make sure you do not leave any area untreated. Leave to dry overnight and you are good to go.
  • Finally, you can use our Rubber Sole Brush which has on one side a ‘rubber’ that can use to scrub off those particularly difficult to remove stains, like Guinness (apparently!) and on the other side a brush that you can brush off the grime that you’ve just removed


As I mentioned earlier your boots will change over time – like us all!! Some people I know NEVER clean their boots (yes you TD!) and yet they still look good! Like a vintage wine the 6” Classic Boot will always wear well but if you look after them a bit they will look that bit better ?

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